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Children’s day gift for children over 3 years old


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Quick Overview

Color cognition: develop baby’s cognition of color from childhood, help baby improve aesthetics!

Shape cognition: help your baby to understand various shapes and help your baby’s logical thinking!

Eye and hand coordination: some simple movements, exercise baby’s eye and hand coordination ability!

Explore and discover: explore the shapes and scenes of blocks and find more ways to play!

Logical thinking: helps children learn to draw conclusions through reasoning, which is needed for effective statistics, measurement, reasoning, induction, analysis, etc.

Parent-child interaction: parent-child interaction enhances the relationship, and the parents further communicate with the baby to cultivate the baby.


Product Description

Made up of straight tubes, bent tubes, t-shaped tubes, and cross tubes, it can be assembled in all directions to exercise spatial thinking and imagination.A children can enhance the practical ability, enhance the imagination, creativity of the educational toys, enlightenment infinite creativity.Start the grand idea, imagine the space, create infinite combination!


Color recognition, hand-eye coordination, these small tubes together, can be put together into a number of graphics, foster children’s imagination and creativity.It can be assembled into various complicated pipes freely. After completion, water or small spheres can be put into the pipes to let them flow in the pipes. Parents can guide children to observe the flow of liquid and solid objects to exercise their logical thinking.Unlike most building blocks, this one is made of completely non-toxic, odorless plastic that is easy for children to plug and pull, and because of its large size, there is no need to worry about being swallowed by children. It can be combined into any shape, and can be built into binoculars, echo boxes, etc., fully training children’s imagination.


Splice pipes, good quality, bright color. Safe and thick plastic, a toy necessary for kindergartens and early education parent-child centers, recommended!


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